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Florida Repeater Council

The Florida Repeater Council, Inc. (FRC) is the ARRL-recognized amateur frequency coordinating body for the State of Florida. The FRC provides frequency coordination and interference resolution services to all Florida repeater operators. We are a volunteer, not for profit organization of amateur radio repeater owners, operators and users, dedicated to minimizing interference and encouraging efficient use of our radio spectrum.

The Florida Repeater Council has elected an interim board of directors replacing all prior directors. This website will be changing shortly to reflect the new direction of the FRC.

We look forward to working with all amatuers in an open and forthright manner

Interim board of directors:

Jon Pearl, W4ABC, Chair
Bryan Fields, W9CR
Ryan Owens, KJ4SHL
Luis Romero, W4LT
Mike Gonzalez, N2FSU

You may contact us via email to

The below is the legacy site.

The meeting of the board of directors scheduled for on July 22, 2017 has been cancelled.

Minutes of the February board of directors meetings have been posted. Click HERE to view them.

By-Laws changes approved by the board of directors in February have been posted. Click HERE to view them.

Why did the Florida Repeater Council not submit data for the 2017 Repeater Directory? Click HERE.

The Florida Repeater Council Web Site is currently not providing online services. We are updating the security of all of our current on-line facilities to assure that FRC data and systems are properly protected. Our previous web hosting service no longer provides a suitable level of support so that service was ended. We are reviewing proposals for new web hosting, email and database services and hope to re-establish all of those services soon.

On November 9, 2016, FRC President Ray Kassis, N4LEM became a silent key. He enjoyed a career in commercial broadcast and amateur radio. He was passionate in everything he did. He was tireless in his amateur radio work and will be sorely missed. We, the staff and directors of the Florida Repeater Council, thank him for his service to the Florida amateur community and hope he finds eternal peace. Click HERE to view the notice of his funeral notice and obituary.

Visit our APPLICATION page to submit a repeater renewal, update or application for new coordination.

The REPEATER LISTINGS were updated on 07/03/2017. These listings do not include submittals that are still pending.

See our PENDING SUBMITTALS page for a list of submittals being worked.

The Council would like to clarify our policy on Wideband and Narrowband Repeater Coordinations:

It is the goal of the FRC to minimize interference through the process of coordination. Faced with the influx of new repeater technologies, utilizing digital narrow band formats, the FRC has instituted a coordination policy that allows for these newer technologies while preserving the integrity of the existing analog wide band technologies. The FRC understands that ALL these technologies need to co-exist and will continue to grant coordinations as long as the goal of non-interference are maintained. We will continue to grant wide band coordinations after 1-1-2020 provided the requestor has users that utilize this mode and/or for experimentation. The requestor will need to specify this during the application process.