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Florida Repeater Council

The Florida Repeater Council, Inc. (FRC) is the ARRL-recognized amateur frequency coordinating body for the State of Florida. The FRC provides frequency coordination and interference resolution services to all Florida repeater operators, FRC members and non-members alike. We are a volunteer non-profit organization of fellow amateurs.

The Florida Repeater Council Web Site is currently not providing online services. Due to a recent intrusion and theft of FRC data from a development site we are reviewing the security of all of our current on-line facilities to assure that FRC data and systems are properly protected. We have determined that our previous web hosting service no longer provides a suitable level of support so that service was ended. We are reviewing proposals for new web hosting, email and database services and hope to re-establish all of those services soon. Many of the Directors of the FRC on the east coast, have been affected by hurricane Matthew and are still dealing with damage to their homes and businesses. As of October 10, some are still operating without reliable telephone and/or Internet service and reliable commercial power. We hope for a speedy return to normal for all of our Ham friends visited by Matthew.

The Florida Repeater Council has had a triple hit in the last few weeks.
1. The outage of our web service and need to relocate.
2. A criminal attack on the site developing improved systems for processing coordinations.
3. And then there was Matthew.

So it has already been a busy October for the FRC and there is more to come.

The October Board of Directors meeting has been rescheduled to October 22nd at the Melbourne Hamfest.

Work is currently underway to restore the functions of the FRC Website but as a more secure and reliable source of information to the Florida Ham community. Some of the changes will require Board decisions that will be made at the next meeting. We anticipate an interim paper application form to be available shortly and the coordination backlog is being worked. Many of you know that we are transitioning to a "Coordination Committee" to allow work to continue even if individual members find their VOLUNTEER time restricted by illness, family needs and that awful EMPLOYMENT thing that haunts some of us. This interruption in our workflow provides an opportunity to close out our old procedures and open up the new ones. We ask for a bit of patience from the Ham Repeater community while these changes are implemented. We know that the FRC has had problems for several years and we move slowly but behind the scenes the Board has been working hard to resolve those issues while continuing to provide service to the hundreds of Hams operating repeaters in Florida. Our goal is a 30 day processing time for new coordination applications and less for renewals and minor changes. This short interruption will allow us to start the move to better service to the Florida Ham repeater community.
Mike Fletcher FRC Secretary

October 1, 2016 Hacking of FRC data
It appears that some Florida Hams, unhappy with the FRC, hacked a portion of a development site working on improved FRC on-line processing and stole some of your information. The information and identity of the hosts and domains involved in the theft have been submitted to law enforcement as part of a criminal complaint. There are some Hams that are currently bragging about the data breach, are they the guilty parties?
You will have to draw your own conclusion for now.

Visit our APPLICATION page to submit a repeater renewal, update or application for new coordination. Hard copy applications are no longer accepted and applications for NEW coordination without frequencies will be returned to the applicant. The Council is unable to search for available frequencies

The REPEATER LISTINGS were updated on 02/06/2016. See our LISTINGS page.

The next meeting of the board of directors will be held at the Orlando HamCation on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 3 PM.

NOTICE: All new and renewing coordinations will be issued an expiration date of 9/30/2018.

The Council would like to clarify our policy on Wideband and Narrowband Repeater Coordinations:

It is the goal of the FRC to minimize interference through the process of coordination. Faced with the influx of new repeater technologies, utilizing digital narrow band formats, the FRC has instituted a coordination policy that allows for these newer technologies while preserving the integrity of the existing analog wide band technologies. The FRC understands that ALL these technologies need to co-exist and will continue to grant coordinations as long as the goal of non-interference are maintained. We will continue to grant wide band coordinations after 1-1-2020 provided the requestor has users that utilize this mode and/or for experimentation. The requestor will need to specify this during the application process.