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Florida Repeater Council

Support The Florida Repeater Council

NO contribution is required to Coordinate a Repeater with the Florida Repeater Council, Inc.

Our Directors, Officers and Staff are all VOLUNTEERS.

They are not paid for their time spent providing coordination services.

However, there are ongoing expenses involved in providing Repeater Coordination services to the Ham community. Items such as Software licenses, Email and Web services etc.

The FRC is supported in part by fees from the ARRL for Repeater Directory data but those fees have been cut substantially by recent changes in the ARRL directory contract.

Your donations help to cover many of the expenses incurred in performing our services.

To donate via secure PayPal using a credit card or your checking account, click the button below and follow the instructions. Please enter your name and call sign when prompted so we can acknowledge your generous support. Thank You. FRC Board of Directors.